Food for peace

Rick Bayless is one of my favorite chefs. He has an incredible sense of what Mexican cooking is.
With all the violence we hear about happening to our southern neighbors its important to understand what still happens at a typical dinner table every night in Mexico. The passion for food is palpable in this video.
I can COMPLETELY relate with the comment made about how food takes you back to moments and flavors and smells can dig something that’s buried deep down in your brain.
My earliest memories are of aromas and flavors. Without those senses there wouldn’t be any memories.
Muy Bien Rick. Great to see your passion for a culture and their food!

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I give a hoot.


Local News | Rare influx of Arctic snowy owls wintering here | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Lately I’ve been infatuated with our owl friends.

I have a history with these forgotten creatures.  Yes, I had one try to land on my helmet while mountain biking in Farragut state park.

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Great performance from an underrated band.
I’ve seen that vulture.

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That didn’t take long.

Lately I’ve discovered that it’s extremely difficult to forget about something when you keep reminding yourself to forget about it.


Yeah, 2012 was a tough year.  Kinda like a battery really .  I still worked.  Was fairly reliable.  Kinda taken for granted. Never really knowing how much you had left in the tank, I still produced.  But overlooked many times was the hard fact that the battery was slowly draining.

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“There is a cra…

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

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